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Products We Use:

At Fresh Start Laser Clinic, we take pride in using only the best cos-medical and professional clinical skincare products that are safe and approved by FDA and TGA. Our carefully selected skincare range includes the following brands;

  • Skinstitut; We trust Skinstitut for its high-quality and effective formulations that deliver real results. These products are formulated by leading pharmacists, ensuring the use of active ingredients and biomimetic formulations that are scientifically proven. Skinstitut is Australian owned, not tested on animals, and vegan-friendly.

  • BT-Ceuticals; by Bio Therapeutic. This comprehensive line of products is designed to meet all skin care needs during traditional and technology-based facials. BT-Ceuticals products are paraben-free, cruelty-free, and water-based, working harmoniously with advanced technologies. The formulations include forward-thinking ingredients to ensure efficacy.

  • Esthemax; Known for performance and purity, Esthemax offers the highest quality cosmetics to cater to diverse skin needs while considering environmental impact. All Esthemax products are produced and manufactured in California, with a focus on being animal-friendly and eco-friendly. They are also certified organic, and gluten-free ingredients are used where possible.

Our Therapists are available to assist you in selecting the right products tailored to address your specific skin concerns and promote overall skin health. You can find the Skinstitut take-home range available for purchase at our clinic. Experience the benefits of these trusted skincare brands to enhance and maintain the health of your skin.


Technology We Use:

At Fresh Start Laser Clinic, we prioritise safety and efficacy, which is why we use state-of-the-art technology and medical-grade lasers and devices that are FDA and TGA approved. Our advanced technology includes;


  • Cynosure Medlite C6 Laser: A superior medical-grade Class 4, Q-switched laser used for skin treatments and tattoo removal.

  • LaserMach Pro Laser System: A Class 4 laser with a unique wavelength of 808nm long pulse laser, Alexandrite 755nm, and ND-Yag 1064nm, specifically designed for permanent hair reduction treatments.

  • Clinical Skin Clear System and Lamprobe System: Utilising a combination of radio frequency and high-frequency technology, these devices are employed for skin treatments and the safe removal of skin lesions and irregularities.  

  • In addition to these advanced devices, we also use other state-of-the-art equipment, including Bio Therapeutic, Bomtech, Zimmer Cryo, and Alsident Filter System, all designed to provide effective and safe skin treatments.

At Fresh Start Laser Clinic, we are committed to using the latest technology and techniques to ensure optimal results for our clients. Our professional team is trained to operate these devices safely and effectively, and we continually update our technology to offer the best possible treatments for our valued clients.

Satisfied Customers

Lee Dyer

I have been a regular client for more than three years. I cannot recommend Iballa highly enough. She is super professional and I am delighted by the results I have achieved with laser facials. The Salon is always spotlessly clean. 

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